A Day In This Life (concert & movie filming)

Big room

A Day In This Life (concert & movie filming)

Sat · July 15, 2017

Doors: 7:00 pm / Show: 7:00 pm


This event is 18 and over

A Day In This Life
To raise awareness and opportunities for those with life struggles.

On the 50th anniversary of 1967, A group of independent musicians and filmmakers set out on a U.S. tour to explore how music has shaped our culture "Then & Now".
This New Hampshire based film will feature celebrity interviews, recording sessions, live performances, random acts of kindness, and the daily grind of life on the road.Working in conjunction with the non-profit “Music For a Purpose”, "Then & Now" will spotlight individuals who have had their lives changed through music
"Music For a Purpose"
-Using music to raise awareness and better lives.
The entire tour will be documented by our film crew. Each performance will focus on raising awareness for various causes and organizations.
The final product will be a 60 minute documentary that will be released on a digital media platform (The Independent Film Channel, Netflix, Hulu, Apple, Amazon).
The cast and crew of A Day in This Life:
Ryan Ordway, Franz Haase, Alex Preston, Tess Erskine, Eric Erskine, Charlie Chamberlain, Ryan Hommel, Jeff Armstrong, Mike Rossi, Derrick Fortin, Dewey and Jason Sliviak.
Venue Information:
The Hi Tone Cafe
412 N. Cleveland St
Memphis, TN, 38104